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Rob Double

Business Development Director

Pioneer Safety Group | Pyroban

Rob’s career started at diesel engine manufacturer Perkins as a time served apprentice, quickly switching gears to become a Business Manager in the International Sales division serving the network of global distributors.

By the late 90’s Rob had moved to the South Coast of England and started a new role at Pyroban. His technical experience with engines and Pyroban’s commitment to serving the oil and gas markets at the time led Rob all over the world in a business development role.

Rob’s customer understanding and connections helped drive Pyroban’s oil and gas business forward with close collaboration with the design and manufacturing teams at the factory in West Sussex, UK.

Pioneering product development projects including 3GP and Ever Clear were driven by Rob and his team which challenged conventional thinking in the sector and helped cement Pyroban’s leading global position as the go to provider when safety compromise is not an option. 

Rob was part of the leadership team which acquired Pyropress and integrated Caterpillar working practices following acquisition and was involved in the subsequent divestment many years later.

As the Pioneer Safety Group has formed, Rob is delivering further development opportunities across the brands and is responsible for driving collaboration and marketing strategy across the group. With his business development and sales experience, Rob’s goal is to identify value gaps and build strong business partnerships that deliver long term value and profitability.

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