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Environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives

Pioneer Safety Group takes a responsible approach to ESG with integrated initiatives across our global operations, designed to reduce environmental impact and operational risk, meet customer and stakeholder expectations, embrace employee engagement, and nurture a positive culture of diversity.

We recognise our obligation to the environment and the impact our activities have. Operating within the framework of and achieving ISO14001 accreditation is a key commitment for all businesses joining the Pioneer Safety Group. People are the heart of our business, and we are proud of the great teams across the group with many long-serving members who pass on their knowledge to our new starters and apprentices.

Steve Noakes, Managing Director of Pioneer Safety Group

Meaningful results

Improved energy efficiency
We have installed intelligent lighting systems, automatic controls for AC and energy use, reduced compressor usage, and standardised site working hours to help reduce overall electricity and gas consumption in our operations.

Less water, less waste and more recycling
Improved wastewater management at selected UK sites has reduced water loss and optimised usage. Pioneer Safety Group has also increased recycling capacity and availability of digital tools to reduce paper use.

Ethical culture, positive results
At all times, we foster a positive workplace culture. We provide fair and equal opportunities and working conditions for employees – and throughout the supply chain. Pioneer Safety Group companies always demonstrate high levels of integrity, trust, and honesty.

Heath, safety and wellbeing
Safety is at the heart of everything we do and continually strive to improve our health and safety performance, in accordance with legislative changes. This includes wellbeing initiatives with a focus on mental health.

Diversity and equality
At Pioneer Safety Group, we are committed to encouraging diversity, equality and inclusion among our workforce.  Our organisation is made up of brilliant people. We are all unique, whether in terms of our background, personal characteristics, experience, skills or motivation.  We value our people for the difference they bring to our organisation.

We are working towards Net Zero goals with many different initiatives. We are also collaborating with local schemes to plant trees and do other activities that reduce our overall carbon footprint.

Support for local people and communities

Pioneer Safety Group companies work with local businesses to support the community and endeavour to employ local people, whenever possible.

Furthermore, we encourage workplace training for young engineers, such as apprenticeships and graduate development programmes, and support local Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) activities.

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