Pyroban Ltd, the leading UK provider of solutions and services to the Materials Handling (MH) and Oil and Gas (O&G) explosion protection markets, has acquired the assets and IP (Intellectual Property) of Flametec material handling products from Mitchell Diesel Limited (Mitchell Powersystems).

Mitchell Powersystems made a strategic decision to exit the explosion protection market to focus on their customers and partners in their core engine, transmission and driveline sales and service business.

As part of the arrangement, Mitchell Powersystems has transferred all the Flametec products’ technical information, MH conversion files and any usable stock to Pyroban, giving Pyroban sole, exclusive rights to the Flametec technology.


This enables Pyroban to offer ongoing support to Flametec’s historic customers who still have vehicles and equipment in use, manage current warranty obligations and for ongoing after sales, service, and maintenance support. Plus, with Pyroban’s longstanding experience in MH conversions and O&G solutions, Mitchell Powersystems are recommending Pyroban as a potential supplier for future business.

Gareth Roberts, Managing Director of Mitchell Diesel Ltd said: “this agreement allows Mitchell Powersystems to focus on our core markets and ensures Flametec customers can receive ongoing service and support from Pyroban, a recognised expert in the explosion protection industry.”

Steve Noakes, Managing Director of Pyroban Ltd, said, “this agreement will enable Pyroban Ltd to offer Flametec customers the same high standard of sales and after sales service that Pyroban customers benefit from. We look forward to working with Flametec’s former customers.”

To contact Pyroban’s sales and service teams, please email : or call (UK) +44 (0)1273 456800.

Pyroban Ltd is part of the Longacre Group, who provides strong financial backing to support their companies’ ambitious growth and acquisition plans. 

Mitchell Diesel Ltd are part of Turner & Co (Glasgow) Ltd a family office which invests in dynamic industrial, engineering and business service companies. For more information visit